What is Greenlang?

One of the main challenges for FINGREEN AI is to ensure complete transparency, from data collection to reporting. Thus, our users, as well as their partners, can verify that no bias has been introduced. This aims to enable informed investment choices based on reliable and accurate information, thereby reducing the prevalence of greenwashing, whether intentional or not.

This approach is reflected in the open licensing of all our data sources, definitions, and translations of various concepts from regulatory texts, as well as all source codes involved in calculating different metrics and indicators.

Through Greenlang, FINGREEN AI introduces the first open-source component promoting transparency, interoperability, and collaboration in the ESG reporting domain.

FINGREEN AI firmly believes that open source is the future of ESG data and that by adopting this approach, we can eliminate greenwashing and promote a sustainable financial system that prioritizes transparency, accountability, and genuine environmental impact.

Who contributes ?

How to contribute ?

In order to contribute to Greenlang, you can follow the steps below:

  • Fork the Greenlang repository

  • Clone the repository

  • Create a new branch

  • Make your changes

  • Push your changes to your fork

  • Create a pull request on the original repository

Do not forget to add your name to the AUTHORS.rst file.

Say hi to us on if you have any questions.